About President Xi's "Guardian" Bentwood Box

September 23, 2015

Although I'm known for my relatively unique merger of Chinese/Northwest Native artistic influences, I never imagined that representatives of the Mayor's office would visit my studio in the International District to ask me to create a gift for the President of China!

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Barack Obama's Warning to People of Mixed Heritage

March 09, 2014

Check out this rare video of Barack Obama talking directly about the mixed race experience. Rescued from a robust collection resources gathered during over a decade of working on mixed race issues, this short clip from MAVIN's Chasing Daybreak film is a priceless tool for generating discussion about race and identity.

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The Most Important Native You've Never Heard Of

January 21, 2014

How good is your knowledge of American history?  How about Native history?  In my travels, I often ask this simple question of the audience "Who was the first non-European to win a spot in the White House?"





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