Celebrating Earth Day with a New Land Back Mini Print

To celebrate Earth Day, Eighth Generation teamed up with Snoqualmie Tribe member and artist Bethany Fackrell to create a springtime Land Back-themed mini print to share beauty, bring awareness, and give back to the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement. The print is available online and in our Pike Place Market flagship store starting at 10am on Earth Day, April 22, through April 30, 2022. 

A smiling woman holds a framed art print. She has long brown hair and is standing in front of a brown and tan blanket hanging from the wall. The print in her hands is in green tones, and says LAND BACK in white letters.Bethany Fackrell (Snoqualmie) holds her Earth Day Mini Framed Print in front of our Connections Wool Blanket, also designed by Snoqualmie Tribe members

More than a beautiful botanical, our Earth Day Mini Framed Print supports a cause: 10% of all sales from this print are donated to the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Land Movement. "For me, it is all about offering my hands whenever, wherever, or however I can," says Bethany of creating a piece of art attached to such an important cause. 

The Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Land Movement (STALM) is a tribally-run campaign aimed at educating the public on how to recreate respectfully while enjoying traditional tribal lands. Their tips—like staying on designated trails and packing out your trash—are easily adaptable by all outdoor enthusiasts no matter where you're enjoying the great outdoors. 

A white framed print lays on a white table. It is surrounded by leaves and purple flowers. The print is green toned and says LAND BACK in white text.

To introduce Bethany and share more about STALM and the idea of Land Back, Eighth Generation is hosting a free Earth Day Celebration at our Pike Place Market flagship store on Saturday, April 23, 2022. From 11am to 12pm, guests are welcome to stop in and talk with Bethany about the print and her art in general. Bethany is a local Native artist, so this is a great opportunity to meet with a contemporary Native artist who incorporates traditional art elements with their modern designs and process.

Bethany will be joined by our CEO Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee, Athabaskan) to chat with guests about the STALM's mission and opportunities, as well as share more about what "Land Back" means. 

Eighth Generation's flagship store is in located off of First Avenue in The Atrium

The concept of Land Back can be confusing or intimidating to non-Native people, but it's simple! Among other things, Land Back centers Indigenous wisdom and sustainability practices in land stewardship and environmentalism.
By having Native artists and tribal leaders join us at Pike Place, an area that Native people have inhabited since time immemorial, to share ways to recreate respectfully, we are participating in giving land back to Native people. 

A photo of the Snoqualmie FallsThe Snoqualmie Falls, sacred to the Snoqualmie Tribe since time immemorial; photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Learn more about the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement on their webpage and Instagram, and be sure to join us Saturday, April 23 at 11am at our store to celebrate!