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Louie Gong Talks Cultural Appropriation - Modern Native Warriors, KBCS

Eighth Generation founder Louie Gong discusses the economic and cultural impact of cultural appropriation from the perspective of an arts entrepreneur. The following audio was part of "Modern Native Warriors," a series by KBCS radio station in Bellevue, Washington.  Matt Remle, Michael Vendiola, and Colleen Echohawk were also interviewed as part of this series, which you can enjoy here.


"In Native communities, we are flush with art and ...hardworking artists. What we are not flush with is opportunities to collaborate with larger companies in order to build our business capacity."

"It's additional labor to always be addressing this idea of cultural appropriation, but we need to accept this responsibility because the alternative is to stand by and watch as our art and culture become nothing more than accouterments for the dominant culture - stripped of all meaning like the Tiki in the Tiki Bar."


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