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"Winter HB" Throw Blanket

by Eighth Generation
Price $68.00

Product Details

This "Winter Hummingbird" woven tapestry blanket reflects Louie's signature balance of traditional and contemporary influences while evoking an undeniable sense of quality.  Although we predict that many organizations will be interested in this blanket as an honor gift for their special events and ceremonies, we have decided to make it available for your one-off purchase.

  • Made in USA
  • Fabric Content: 100% Cotton. 
  • Blanket size: 60" X 50"

About the "Hummingbird" Design

This Coast Salish hummingbird design was originally hand-drawn by Louie on a traditional hand drum.  Often thought to be a harbinger of good news, the hummingbird is the perfect symbol to fill your living spaces with.

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