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Do you make donations?

Yes. But because I receive such a high volume of requests, I have to predesignate how many organizations I make a donation to each year. Selections are usually made at the beginning of each year.

Please note: for 2016, we have finalized all donation decisions. Because we are a small business, we have to place a moratorium on donations for the rest of the year to ensure our continued success and ability to contribute year-round to the Inspired Natives Grant, which is funded by 5% of all blanket sales.

Any discount codes provided to customers are for one time use only, and they should not be shared.

What kind of organizations have you supported in the past?

In the last year, Eighth Generation/Louie Gong has made cash, product, and service donations to a wide variety of organizations. Some examples include the National Indian Education Association, Evergreen State College Longhouse, Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Council, and numerous special events (memorials, weddings and other fundraisers). In 2016, Eighth Generation became the Evergreen State College Longhouse's largest individual donor.

How do I submit my organization for consideration?

You can email info(at)eighthgeneration(dot)com with more information on your organization and request. Requests submitted via my personal Facebook page may be met with an disapproving emoticon.

Is there a deadline to submit a donation request?

No - submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. However, decisions are made early in the year.

2016 Donations

For 2016 we've established the following funding priorities:

Seattle & Puget Sound Area Organizations

  • Chief Seattle Club
  • Evergreen State College Longhouse
  • Wing Luke Museum
  • Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Forever Fund
  • Northwest Indian College Foundation

Across the US

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah
  • Native American Law Students Association at University of Arizona
  • Humane Society

Youth Organizations

  • Chief Kitsap Academy
  • Nooksack Tribal Youth
  • Molokai High School

93 Pike Street Seattle, WA 98101 United States 206.430.6233